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...and her journey has begun

Myanmar, Bagan

Just me and my feelings

Hey guys, when I recently read my first blog post, I had to sneer. It’s clumsy, awkward and emotionless, just boring. Phew… no compliments to myself. So, you can recognize, there was something written down just to fill a white page.

Three years ago, I fulfilled the dream of my life. I started with this website. My dream is to create a blog about traveling and photography.

So far so good – I thought! Here it goes, my website, my blog, my dream. But after the first euphoria came the disillusionment and the question of how things are going now. Where do I want to go in my life and which pieces of the puzzle are still missing?

Sometimes things or circumstances take a lot of time and space to develop.

The search for inspiration then led me to Madrid and Berlin several times. I love Berlin and can't be there often enough, it's my “place to be” so to speak. But since the city is so diverse and has so much to offer, I hardly manage to unpack my camera and just like to enjoy the sweet life and the "drifting" there.

During my lifetime, I learned to love the perfect imperfect. That means, I just accept the chaos in my head. All the ideas I have, and I don’t know, what to do first.

There are so many things to discover out there and I’m so curious about all those moments. Will I take photos? Will I write a book? Will I travel for months? – Yes, preferably all together! That is not so absurd, because everything can be wonderfully combined. I’m still at the beginning, but it feels good and right for me.

I love big city life. The pulsating crush, busy streets, lively colors, incredible fragrances, interesting cultures, all the stuff that hits you right in your face, if you arrive in a new country. As you can imagine, I also need my time to rest and reflect these mind-blowing moments. The best way for me is isolating myself at lonely beaches or deep in the jungle or in my cozy flat. Luckily, I found this situation in my hometown. It offers me the perfect mixture of busy city life, cultural experience, and silent moments in nature.

But back to my passion – photography. Somehow, I lacked impulses and felt stuck. I felt an insatiable hunger for adventure. I had an irrepressible desire to travel. Always.

I knew that my first long trip would take me to Southeast Asia, specifically to Myanmar. How did I come to Myanmar? - The least touristy country in Southeast Asia? Firstly, I don't like touristy areas and like to hike on my own paths. Secondly, there was a series “Anna and the King” in my childhood and I connected Burma or now called Myanmar with it.

After careful consideration, I quit my job and only booked the one-way flight and a week's accommodation. True to the motto: “go with the flow”.

But it was not that easy for me, as you might think now. The wish and my desire existed already a long time before and I always worked hard for it, but still doubts often came up in between. Will it be the right decision? What happens if horror scenario A, B or C occurs (none occurred). I was plagued by fears and that was why, deep down in my heart, I knew I just had to do it. It was clear to me that when I make this journey, I would face my deepest fears.

Finally, my journey began. On January 3rd 2020 departing Frankfurt Airport, next stop: Myanmar! Always with me, my backpack and front pack and my open mind driven by curiosity.

I admit the first two days were tough. The first time overseas and on my own, I would have loved to fly back home after 48 hours. But I persevered and was rewarded with the best time of my life.

But it’s enough for today. I hope you will join my trip in the following posts.



P.S.: Feel free to ask your questions about my trip in the comments

Myanmar, Bagan

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