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The idea for my website and blog was born at the beginning of the year, when the desire to just do photography became stronger and stronger.

It was an eventful year in which I attended a two-week course on colour photography at the academy of arts Trier with Harald Mante, I can name a Hasselblad 500 ELM next to my Nikon my own now and started my fist experiments in analogue photography.

I’m very excited about the results, which I would like to share with you and I will report regularly on my blog about my experiences in analogue photography and the development of the films.

In the two-week summer course with Harald Mante I learned not to get lost in technical details. Of course, one claim, that the picture is good, but beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. That was also the reason, why I didn’t use my SLR camera after the purchase for 1 year.


I lost myself in aperture, shutter speed and ISO which went at the expense of the creativity. At some point, it then has made „click“, and I took my camera with me more often.

But at home the disappointment came quickly, 300 photos were taken and conclusions somehow, I didn’t like any or only a few. Then I found out, that his time is needed. Meanwhile I’ve got used to uploading the pictures and looking through them, but let it rest for a while. I think you simply have a too high expectation and that is often disappointed.

But if I let a little time pass, I suddenly liked the photos, which have already failed and those, which I thought „oh, wow“, are not so „wow“ anymore.

That taught me to be more careful with deleting. Sometimes a small part is suitable for a beautiful photo.

Then comes the question which photo editor I should use, where do I store all my photos, should I take my photos in RAW or jpg. For the image processing topic was important to be able to edit my photos on the smartphone while I was on the move, because I work full-time and can use my distance to work for it in a meaningful way.

Social media has never been a big issue for me, but it has become inevitable in this day and age and it has helped me to find out which direction I want to got and to reach people with the same interests. It amazes me, how much my Instagram account and the photos I share have changed in just 6 weeks and I can already see a clear direction.

I’m pleased about every exchange and suggestion on my blog

best regards


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